Built by Athletes

Wodworx is your all-in-one solution that powers up all admin funcitons at your facility.
We built Wodworx so you can spend less time managing, and more time coaching!


Manage Memberships

Monitor attendance, automate membership renewal reminders and communicate easily with your members.


Class Scheduling

Create classes and have your members book classes from their phones. No space? they can waitlist!


Admin Functions

Coach assignment, alerts & reminders, payroll tracking, access controll and much more.

Pricing for Everyone

Find the right price that meets your needs. We cater for all, from the home-gym to the full-facility gym running multiple classes simultaneously

For the Up-and-Coming

  • 1 Location, 1 Admin
  • Class Sheduling
  • Membership Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Automated Alerts
  • Zoom Classes

Growing Up

  • Everything in STUDIO Plus:
  • 1 Location, 3 Admin
  • Multiple Coaches
  • Custom Class Restrictions
  • Basic Insights
  • Online Support

For Serious Businesses

  • Everything in GARAGE Plus:
  • 1 Location, 10 Admin
  • Payroll Tracking
  • Member Groups
  • Sign-in Kiosks
  • Access Control (2 doors)
  • Multiple Rooms
  • Avanced Insights

No Matter How Big

  • Everything in GYM Plus:
  • 2 Locations
  • Unlimited Admins
  • Unlimited Access Doors
  • Workout Planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Tracking
  • Video Uploading

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Discover how Wodworx can get your facility operating smartly!

  • Get closer to your members monitor attendance, and communicate easily.
  • Automate class shedule let your members book through the app!
  • Virtual live classes expand your reach today!
  • Focus on what matters worry less about the admin grunt work.